Eco-fabric is fabric made by Greenyarn that contains nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal.
All its properties come from weaving fiber containing nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal
in way to bring out most of the benefits
How is Eco-fabric made?
Eco-fabric's bamboo-carbon nano-particles comes from 4-5 years old Taiwanese Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens) that is grown naturally in the Jhushan, Taiwan (bamboo mountain ).
All our products with the Eco-fiber trademark will contain nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal. Though the proportion of Eco-fabric in our products will vary according to product type, the general rule is the higher the proportion of Eco-fiber, the stronger the effects of the benefits can be felt.
All our products that contain the Eco-fiber trademark is manufactured under the strictest standards and quality is assured. For our raw material, we use only PAIHO's fiber, patent application no. 92132874 to weave into Eco-fabric. We choose PAIHO because their fiber contains the highest concentration of nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal.