Welcome to Greenyarn. We are a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics. Greenyarnˇ¦s global HQ is in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2005, we introduced Eco-fabric, a bacteria-fighting material that can eliminate odor. Currently we are selling fine guage 200-needle count Eco-fabric socks, shoe insoles, wristbands, and ankle guards.

What is Eco-fabric?
Eco-fabric is a material that contains nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal, combining all natural cloth with the amazing properties of bamboo. Eco-fabric resists odor and germs, keeps cool and dry, and absorbs and emits far infra-red radiation. Furthermore, our certified test reports show that Eco-fabric performs better that our competitorˇ¦s products, without the use of harsh chemicals.

For more information feel free to browse our site, and please, send us your feedback! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Robin Low
Chief Executive Officer